Aware of the responsibility that lies on us over future generations, we adhere to the strict principles of lean relation to the surrounding nature.

This is manifested in the following important requirements regarding responsible forest management to our suppliers:

  1. All enterprises whose sawn timber we trade do not have the right to sell more than 5% of timber cut down by them or their suppliers without deep processing
  2. Our suppliers are either already certified for responsible forest management, or are in the certification phase, or intend to pass it in the nearest future.Those of our suppliers who have not been certified for responsible forest management, nevertheless, do not cut in the Intact Forest Landscape*
  3. Our suppliers provide deep processing of wood, including grit, drying (the share of raw board can not exceed 30% of the total output), as well as processing of sawmilling waste (chips, sawdust) in environmental fuel or paper
  4. In the production of products, our suppliers do not use harmful and dangerous substances or components that are capable of damaging the environment
  5.  Our suppliers annually carry out a full range of activities related to reforestation and forest protection, including defense from fires.

Representatives of our company ensure regular monitoring of compliance with these requirements from our suppliers.

*An Intact Forest Landscape (IFL) is a seamless mosaic of forest and naturally treeless ecosystems within the zone of current forest extent, which exhibit no remotely detected signs of human activity or habitat fragmentation and is large enough to maintain all native biological diversity, including viable populations of wide-ranging species. IFLs have high conservation value and are critical for stabilizing terrestrial carbon storage, harboring biodiversity, regulating hydrological regimes, and providing other ecosystem functions.